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All Security Limited holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key holding services

SIA - Security Industry Authority

The SIA – Security Industry Authority, is the government appointed body to regulate and supervise the private security industry in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

The SIA over sees the licensing of individuals, and companies working within the private security sector including activities such as – CCTV Surveillance, Door Supervision, Close Protection and Security Guards.

The purpose of the SIA is to continually raise standards of the skills, training and overall professionalism within the private security sector and to promote best practices.

The SIA itself does not run training courses or provide qualification awards, however the SIA endorse training companies who do offer training for individuals within the industry and ensure that the companies offering licensing are approved providers.

The SIA was set up in April 2003 to regulate and license the private security industry on bequest of the government to tighten up on the rouge elements that had managed to infiltrate the private sector market in England & Wales. This was in direct response from complaints from the public and criticism of the level of professionalism within the industry. All personnel are now required to be free of a criminal record and their back ground credentials checked prior to licensing.

The SIA held in depth discussions with the security service providers, customers, businesses, training organisations, trade associations, local government and the police to arrive at a general consensus of opinion before developing the codes of conduct.

The SIA are totally committed to the Governments principals of good regulation
These need to be

Proportionate Response
By getting involved in the regulation of the industry only when it was necessary, to issue verbal and written warnings and improvement notices and only resorting to criminal prosecution as a last result.

SIA’s Enforcement Policy – The SIA Code of Practice was published in 2004, making sure that anything to do with compliance is transparent, open and consistent.

Accountable by coming to decisions in a clear and sensible manner, while consulting all involved associations, institutions and with individual stakeholders ensuring they are involved in any decisions.

Consistent by working closely with others involved over the production of ideas and proposals. The SIA work closely with partners such as the Police, and carry out combined operations as part of their compliance. To discourage non-compliance with licensing. The SIA accredit prior learning (APL) through our endorsed awarding bodies.

The SIA aim to be transparent by advice on its policies, services and strategies and by making sure that the public know what to expect, and working with the Home Office where necessary.

The SIA aim to provide targeted action by concentrating on resources to tackle situations and solving problems by using the National Intelligence Model (NIM) The SIA aim to concentrate on the activities that have the most serious risks as opposed to carrying out routine audits on those providers who are compliant with licensing.

The SIA show their commitment to always improving standards and to working closely with industry stakeholders, the SIA has developed a better regulation action plan. In August 2006, the Better Regulation Executive (BRE) went to five groups of licence holders, with the aim of these visits being to discuss their regulatory approach up until now. The SIA put together an action plan based on the BRE's findings and their in-house review processes.

The SIA realises how important it is for those in the security industry to be professional and offering a high standard in their working practices and it is therefore vital for a structured programme of training to be in place.

The SIA intend to progressively encourage and motivate providers to strive to attain higher standards in all aspects of working practices and recognises that individuals with enforcement responsibilities must have a broad range of skills and a clear understanding of their role and what is expected from them. As the scope, diversity and importance of their work continue to grow, so the degree of professionalism expected from those involved in the security industry will increase.

Thus the SIA will drive the industry to continually aspire to higher standards rather than be an enforcement regulatory body alone.

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